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Additional Info

Why choose us?

 By choosing us, you are not only getting top quality service, but also supporting a small business and the families behind them. You can feel good knowing that your contribution is going towards baseball games and Thanksgiving dinners, not a fifth vacation home.  



 Building a strong relationship built on trust is a top priority. We have built decades of customer trust locally for a decade. On the rare occasion something does go askew we are fully bonded and insured and will do our upmost part to fixing any issues. 

Cleaning Products

 We do use quality ecofriendly products and can work with client provided products as well. We want to ensure that your clean does not affect your health due to a smell or otherwise.


 Why do we do in-home estimates?

 It gives us the best opportunity to do it your way! Custom cleans are our specialty and we love to keep our clients happy with what they want and need, not what we want to limit. We want to ensure every client is given the proper plan that truly suits their personal home. 


What does The Future Hold?

 The Rag Bucket has big dreams of leaving a home office to become a storefront! We appreciate all the support and love so far and to come!

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